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Molly Norton

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Laura Tarbutton


Molly brings 20 years of experience with non-profits and private foundations to her work as the philanthropic advisor at Brighton Jones. She received an M.A. in international environmental policy from the Middlebury Institute and went on to start the policy program at Just Food in New York City. From there, Molly lived in Rwanda for five years with the Wildlife Conservation Society and Partners in Health, managing large-scale programs related to agriculture and nutrition. She also oversaw the Africa department for Geographic Expeditions, creating unique adventures across eastern and southern Africa. Molly has served on the board of the Rouse Charitable Foundation for more than a decade.

Laura is a firm believer that we are all happiest when we’re helping others. As the philanthropic program manager, she gets to work on projects that align clients’ and colleagues’ time and money with their unique values and passions. Connecting, learning, and taking action to make a difference in a meaningful way creates a feeling that we want to help all individuals and families experience. Through The Brighton Jones Richer Life Foundation, we’re making great strides to turn compassion into action. A great example is our Lemayian trips, where we travel abroad with groups to increase awareness about specific issues, develop strategic partnerships, and leave with a new perspective.