Projects We Support

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The Brighton Jones Global Guesthouse

The guesthouse was our first Global Compassion Project. We coordinated a firm-wide capital campaign to fundraise and build a volunteer guesthouse in Kajiado, Kenya. The guesthouse provides a place for international and domestic volunteers to stay while they provide much-needed support to GRACE Nanana and Kajiado Childcare Centre, both located in rural Kajiado.


The Ruben Centre

The Ruben Centre is an "oasis of hope" in a densely-packed, informal settlement near Nairobi. The centre provides free primary education, child care, health care, and other resources to help empower residents of the community.

The energy and optimism we saw on the faces of the children and staff we met at the GRACE Nanana School for Girls and the Kajiado Childcare Centre transformed our view of the world.
— Jon and Gretchen Jones

Kajiado Childcare Centre

The Kajiado Childcare Centre is an organization that rehabilitates and educates children with disabilities to help them reach their full potential with dignity.

GRACE Nanana School for Girls

GRACE is a school, dormitory, and haven where Maasai girls can escape early marriage, female genital mutilation, and unwanted pregnancy to pursue education.